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THC levels up to 32% at Cinder

Cinder is a recreational pot shop in Washington state and the first in Spokane Valley. The store says they are offering a rare, and very potent strain of marijuana. It's called God's Gift and reportedly has THC levels (the chemical that effects the brain) as high as 32 percent. This is higher than the 18 to 24 percent THC levels found in most marijuana. Most of the pot being sold at Cinder retails for $18 to $24 per gram but strains with high THC levels sell for up to $31 per gram. Cinder - 1421 N. Mullan Rd. Suite B, Spokane Valley, Washington (509) 241-3726


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$50 ounces at The Grass Station on Black Friday

On November 28th (Black Friday) the Denver Colorado recreational marijuana store called The Grass Station (Kindman) had an amazing sale. Some of the marijuana strains that normally cost $250-$325 per ounce, were selling for $50. Their first customer of the day said he waited in line for 14 hours. The store reportedly served up to one thousand people that day. About 5 times their normal customer traffic. The Grass Station - 4125 Elati St, Denver, CO 80216 Phone: (303) 546-3626

Green Dragon of Colorado offers $30 eighths

The recreational pot shop, Green Dragon of Colorado, is selling an eighth of an ounce of recreational marijuana for $30 for a limited time. They have store locations in Glenwood Springs and in Aspen. For more detailed information visit their web page:

Legal: A Cannabis Infused Drink

A new line of cannabis infused drinks are now being sold in 22 recreational marijuana shops in Washington state. The cost is about $10 and they come in flavors such as: Cold Brew, Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, and Pomegranate. They are being advertised as a milder alternative to smoking marijuana and could bring the more skittish residents into the marijuana market. In Colorado and Washington state edible marijuana products are limited to 10 milligrams of marijuana per serving, the approximate amount of found in a joint.

Vail Colorado Pot Shops

There are now four recreational marijuana outlets in the Vail, Colorado area: *Native Roots – 41290 U.S. Highway 6 Unit B5, Avon, Colorado Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. *Roots Rx – 40690 U.S. Highway 6 Suite E2, Avon, Colorado Open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m *Rocky Road Remedies -40814 U.S. Highway 6, Units C-D, Avon, Colorado *Sweet Leaf Pioneer – 1286 Chambers Suite 105, Eagle, Colorado Open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thanks for visiting Recreational Pot Shops!

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