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Growing At Home

In some states homegrown marijuana is legal for adults over 21 years of age. If that's the case then My Weed Seeds has a good catalog of quality cannabis seeds. They have a wide selection of feminized, indoor and outdoor seeds with exceptional germination rates. Their prices are affordable with reasonable shipping rates. They've become the go-to supplier for a large number of today's marijuana growers both amateur and professional. You can check them out on the web at:


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New Pot Shops Open In WA

* Herbs House - 716 NW 65th Ballard, Washington Phone: 206-557-7388 *Mr Buds 536 Marine Dr Port Angeles *Sparket R&R 1403 E. First ST. SuiteB Pot Angeles *The Hidden Bush 3230 E. US Hwy 101 Port Angeles * The Local Joint at 5309 Guide Meridian Rd Suite A, Bellingham, Washington (360)-306-3257 * Evergreen Cannabis - 922 Peace Portal Dr. Blaine, Washington Phone: 360-332-8922

New Recreational Marijuana Stores in Colorado

*Emerald Fields 27 Manitou Ave. Manitou Springs *The Beacon and Herbal Alternative, both in Cortez, Colorado.

How To Grow Top Quality Marijuana

If you're of legal age in Washington, Colorado, Alaska or Oregon (July 15) then limited amounts of homegrown marijuana are legal. Here's a how-to book that could shave years off your home-grown learning curve. It includes step by step instructions for a top quality grow on your the first try. It's the best book for people who are serious about top quality bud. Find it here:


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