January 2015

Marijuana Edibles on Sale!

Big Discounts on Marijuana Edibles this Weekend.
Marijuana edibles comprise 45% of the Colorado cannabis market. New regulations for marijuana edibles go into effect on Feb 1st. As a result marijuana edibles are on sale at big discounts right now! This includes candies, brownies and drinks. Some shops are offering up to 50% off.

Where To Buy Discounted Edibles?
Some of the recreational pot shops that are offing deep discounts on marijuana edibles is Euflora.  Contact your local recreational pot shop to inquire about their edible marijuana discounts!




adminMarijuana Edibles on Sale!
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Highest in Washington


Top Pot Shop

Washington’s highest-grossing recreational pot shop for 2014 was New Vansterdam in Vancouver. Some attribute its success to its proximity to Portland, Oregon, which has a population of 600,000.  In any case, the store recorded sales of $3.2 million during the period of July through December 2014.

In second place was the recreational pot shop, Cannabis City of Seattle, which generated $3.19 million in total sales during the same period.  You can read the full article at Seattle PI.
Growing Marijuana at home

It’s legal for adults over 21 years of age to grow limited quantities of marijuana in states such as Colorado, Washington (medical only), Alaska, (after Feb 25, 2015) and Oregon (after July 15, 2015). But remember it’s a complex task so get the book Growing Elite Marijuana which gives you step-by-step guidance. Also check out My Weed Seeds for good quality seeds that will give you a successful crop.

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Skinny Girl Marijuana





According to the magazine, US Weekly, Bethany Frankel is planning to get involved in the recreational marijuana industry.  The inspiration reportedly came when she toured a recreational pot shop in Aspen, Colorado while on a skiing vacation. After the tour she tweeted:

OMG it’s the craziest thing to see marijuana legal in Aspen. People walking into pot stores like it’s the @Gap #prohibitiondone

— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) December 21, 2014

According to news reports, Frankel’s Skinny Girl brand would feature marijuana strains that get a girl high but with less tendency for the munchies afterwards. It remains to be seen if this will come to fruition.

Growing Marijuana at home

It’s legal for adults over 21 years of age to grow limited quantities of marijuana in states such as Colorado, Washington, Alaska, (after Feb 25th) and Oregon (after July 15th). But remember it’s a complex task so get the book Growing Elite Marijuana which gives you step-by-step guidance.  Also check out My Weed Seeds for good quality seeds  that will give you a successful crop.

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Washington State Prices Down 40

A few days ago Bloomberg News reported that prices at recreational pot shops in Washington state have dropped by as much as 40%.

Then and now
Initial prices for recreational marijuana in Washington were quite high. This was due to multilevel taxation and supply shortages. Since then the state has licensed additional growers and processors and prices now average about $15 per gram compared to the $25 per gram rate of July 2014.

While there are still price challenges, due to what is effectively a 44% tax, this is a big step in the right direction. To complete with the black market, recreational marijuana prices need to be competitive. With black market marijuana grams being sold for $10 we are not quite there yet.

$50 ounces?
There is no intrinsic reason for pot to cost 25 times the cost of the precious metal, silver. The only thing that makes marijuana expensive is its scarcity. In the coming years, as growers compete more intensely and more and more people cultivate legally at home, we will see marijuana being sold at prices far, far below the prices we see on the black market. I envision a day, in the near future, when ounces of good quality, recreational pot will be routinely sold for $50.

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Marijuana arrests increase at Yellowstone

Marijuana arrests have increased at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This is because the possession of even small amounts of recreational or medical marijuana on federal land is illegal. This is true even for national parks residing within Colorado and Washington state where marijuana possession is permitted. Many violators spend the night in jail, receive a misdemeanor conviction and a $1,000 fine.

What to do if you’re apprehended
Motorists questioned by police should know that anything they say can and will be held against them. According to one attorney when law enforcement asks: Do you have any marijuana in your car? Many respond by saying ‘yes’ and in that case “there’s not a lot a criminal defense attorney can do.”

Smoke only on private property with permission
Also keep in mind that in states where marijuana possession is legal there are limitations on where it can be consumed. In Colorado and Washington state, for example, one cannot smoke or consume recreational pot in public places like concerts, ski slopes or in one’s car. Marijuana can only be consumed on private property with the property owner’s permission. So if you are staying in a hotel, be sure to check with management on the pot smoking policy.

Have fun but do it safely. Happy New Year!

adminMarijuana arrests increase at Yellowstone
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