February 2015

Republicans Go for Legalized Pot

United_States_Republican_PartyFirst Republican State to Legalize Pot

Although the ballot was passed last year it’s only yesterday that the new marijuana laws went into effect in Alaska. Now, in this Republican dominated state, adults 21 years or older may possess up to an ounce of marijuana. In addition, legal aged residents may grow up to six marijuana plants for their personal use. However, just like Colorado and Washington state, pot can be consumed only on private property with the owner’s permission.

Recreational marijuana stores have not yet opened. That is because the state has yet to set up the laws needed to regulate retail shops. The ballot initiative requires the state government to formalize rules for recreational marijuana shops by November 24th of this year. Applications for retail licenses will be considered sometime after that. Read more………

Shocking Results from New Study on Marijuana and Alcohol!!

You won’t believe the results of this study which quantifies the risk of death as it applies to various controlled substances! Read more………..

adminRepublicans Go for Legalized Pot
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US Govt Proposes Nationwide Legalization!!


US Govt Proposes Nationwide Legalization!

Two bills have been introduced in the US House of Representatives proposing legalization and regulation of marijuana nationwide!! The bill was introduced by Colorado Representative Jared Polis. If the measure passes it will eliminate cannabis from the federal government’s Schedule 1 drug list.

A second bill called the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act was submitted by Representative Earl Blumenauer from Oregon. Both house members are democrats and they favor a 10% national tax on retail sales of recreational marijuana. They estimate that the US government would benefit by $10 billion dollars per year as a result of increased tax revenues and the cost of arresting and jailing cannabis possession offenders. Read more………

Will Vermont Be the First State to Legalize Marijuana via Legislation?

This week legislation was introduced that would legalize marijuana use in the state of Vermont. A vote is expected later on this year. Read more……..


adminUS Govt Proposes Nationwide Legalization!!
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Sir Pot-A-Lot and $1 grams

Sir Pot-A-Lot
The 90s rapper, Sir Mix-A-Lot, was in Vancouver Washington this week examining the wares at The Herbery. Sir Mix-A-Lot, whose real name is Anthony Ray is based in Seattle. He says he doesn’t smoke marijuana but most of the guys in his group do. At the same time, he said he’s strongly in favor of marijuana legalization and regulation, just like alcohol. Read more…….

$1 Grams!
In 2013 Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana. Now companies from Germany and Canada are bidding on the fives licenses available for marijuana growers. Winners will pay the Uruguay government $20,000 per year in fees plus 10% of sales. The government says it will require the growers to sell their crop at the rate of $1 per gram! Read More……….

100 Tribes to Grow and Sell Marijuana –

100 Native American Tribes have indicated that they’d like to grow marijuana and open marijuana stores on their reservations. Read More………

adminSir Pot-A-Lot and $1 grams
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Washington Marijuana Glut and $19 grams

Prices heading down

There is a glut in the Washington Marijuana market as falling prices and high taxes have put pressure on many Washington pot growers.

Marijuana growers and processors say the 25% excise tax has caused a supplier-crushing bottleneck. Growers say regulators did not take crop cycle timing into account and instead issued production and retail licenses in a haphazard manner. This has caused the Washington marijuana market to be flooded with product. According to one grower there is a 31,000-pound supply of marijuana in Washington right now. Enough pot to last 10 years at current sales levels.

$19 grams

This kind of oversupply undermines a healthy and stable marijuana industry in Washington as it could drive some growers out of business. However in the short term it’s a boon for consumers and recreational marijuana stores. Wholesale prices have declined 65% since retailers opened their doors in July 2014.

Some recreational marijuana stores have reduced their prices to black market levels….. Read More

adminWashington Marijuana Glut and $19 grams
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Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley and 12,000 Joints

12,000 Joints –

Huffington Post and Newsweek reported that a Seattle company called Soltice rolled 12,000 joints to sell over Super Bowl weekend at medical marijuana stores.  According to the owner, 6,000 grams of cannabis, about 13 pounds, was used for this massive marijuana joint production project. The joints were then offered for sale, 12 to a pack in what resembled a standard cigarette pack. The joints were a combination of strains called Blueberry Cheesecake and Headband and sold for about $70. These were sold at medical marijuana dispensaries however Soltice representative said that they will “absolutely” have these 12 packs of joints available for sale at recreational marijuana stores later this year. The company is opening what it terms “the first licensed processing facility”. Read More……..

Snoop Dogg –

Meanwhile music celebrities like Bob Marley’s family and Snoop Dogg are investing in the budding pot industry. Read More………..

Growing Marijuana at home –

It’s legal for adults over 21 years of age to grow limited quantities of marijuana in states such as Colorado, Washington (medical only), Alaska, (after Feb 25th) and Oregon (after July 15th). But remember it’s a complex task so get the book Growing Elite Marijuana which gives you step-by-step guidance. Also check out My Weed Seeds for good quality seeds that will give you a successful crop.


adminSnoop Dogg, Bob Marley and 12,000 Joints
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Marijuana Vending Machines and Colorado DUI

pot-vending-machinesThis week the first marijuana vending machine was unveiled in Seattle at the medical marijuana dispensary, Seattle Caregivers. The machine was manufactured by an Arizona based company called American Green.  It is climate controlled and completely self-service. The machine scans ID, verifies the person’s identity and accepts cash as payment.  Machines dispensing marijuana edibles have been functional in Colorado since last year but this is the first machine to sell the actual marijuana plant. The machine is called ZaZZ and will available in Washington recreational pot shops later this year. Read more……

Colorado DUIs for Marijuana on the Rise

About 12% of Colorado’s DUI citations this year have been for people under the influence of marijuana. Many of those arrested said they did not know that DUI laws applied to marijuana. Please be careful and don’t drive high. Read more


adminMarijuana Vending Machines and Colorado DUI
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