March 2017

Why Lawmakers Want To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Josh Miller found this as an indication that his time had finally arrived, when Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure in November to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Rhode Island state senator has a standing among colleagues as a cannabis crusader — a battle that, to date, he’s lost. For the past three years, Miller introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, and for the past three years, his efforts have died in committee hearing rooms.

Now, however, in a turn-around, some of Miller’s colleagues are indicating an interest in legalized marijuana — and raking in the tax dollars which come with it.


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adminWhy Lawmakers Want To Legalize Recreational Marijuana
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Important Points Of The Proposed Limits On Legal Marijuana

Merely hours after polls closed on Nov. 8, 2016, leaders on Beacon Hill started talking about ways they might alter the ballot question that made marijuana legal for adult use in Massachusetts. In December, without notifying all members, a couple of lawmakers voted to delay the beginning of retail sales. Now, as a fresh session commences, Senate and the House leaders have filed dozens of bills that will make important changes in the recreational marijuana law.

Here is a summary of key points in bills filed by Sen. Jason Lewis and Rep. Hannah Kane.

Possession: It’s now legal to have up to 1 oz of marijuana in public and up to 10 oz at home. Bills filed by Lewis and Kane would keep the public limitation of up to 1 oz, but at home, the limitation would fall from 10 oz to to 2 oz.


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adminImportant Points Of The Proposed Limits On Legal Marijuana
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Florida Activists’ Fight For Medical Marijuana Access

Three months after Florida voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment on medical marijuana, state health officials and prospective weed-seeking patients are at odds over proposed rules that would spell out who could get marijuana.

State officials have urged limitations on what sort of patients may be eligible for medical marijuana, and where they are able to get it. Their ideas have prompted a tide of questions across the state, with almost 1,300 residents attending what are typically low-key bureaucratic hearings to press for less restrictions to marijuana access.


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adminFlorida Activists’ Fight For Medical Marijuana Access
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Medical Marijuana Supporters Assembled At The Florida Department Of Health Meeting

Last February 8, people packed into a meeting room at the University of South Florida, sitting on the ground, others lining the walls. They waited for a short opportunity to address a panel from the Florida Department of Health about using medical marijuana in the state.

Quite a few people who have serious medical conditions stood in the room for more than two hours to address the meeting.


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adminMedical Marijuana Supporters Assembled At The Florida Department Of Health Meeting
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Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Gives Marijuana Advice To California

Colorado’s governor played sage to California on Tuesday, warning lawmakers that their state has a “steep hill” ahead in legalizing recreational marijuana and encouraging them to pay attention to aspects like home-grow regulations, pesticides and public security.

Hickenlooper addressed California lawmakers in Sacramento to discuss his learned lessons and words of wisdom from when his state established first-of-its-kind, adult-use cannabis sales in 2014.


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adminColorado Governor Hickenlooper Gives Marijuana Advice To California
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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Is The New Marijuana Consult For Governors

As stated by the Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, you don’t constantly get charge of your legacy. As a guy who once opposed the concept of legalizing marijuana, Governor John Hickenlooper had no idea he’d eventually be a marijuana consult governors of other states would confide in for guidance on how best to deal with marijuana legislation in their particular states.

Per the Los Angeles Times, it was four years ago today that Colorado became the very first state in the country to pass legislation which made recreational marijuana legal. Only hours after this monumental landmark in U.S. marijuana legislation, Governor John Hickenlooper noted a few comical words of warning.

Governor Jerry Brown reached out to Hickenlooper for a consultation on marijuana legalization weeks before California residents were slated to vote on whether or not recreational marijuana would be legalized. Much like the scenario Hickenlooper had been put in, Brown also didn’t support this law.


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adminColorado Governor John Hickenlooper Is The New Marijuana Consult For Governors
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Opportunities in Marijuana Stocks in California

In November, Californians overwhelmingly voted to adopt pro-weed laws that clear the way toward creating the United States’ largest recreational marijuana|cannabis market.

First, let’s look back
Medical marijuana legalization was initiated by California in the 1990s, but it’s been slower to support laws that open up the recreational marijuana market.

In 2010, California’s Proposition 19 fell on deaf ears when 53.5% of voters elected against passing it. Proposition 19 would’ve enabled Californian adults over age 21 to possess up to 1 oz of marijuana for personal consumption, and to grow marijuana in a space of up to 25 square feet, if it was passed.


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adminOpportunities in Marijuana Stocks in California
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Strict Regulations, Choking The Marijuana Industry?

California voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana use in November, and now regulators are hard at work formulating the new rules and fees to be imposed.

There is apparently some significant uncertainty, however, as to whether the regulations will soon be ready to go by next year, when the other regulations and the brand new licensing system for the sale of marijuana are supposed to go into effect.

“Being blunt, there’s absolutely no way in which the state of California can meet all of the deadlines before we go live on January 1, 2018,” state Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg, who represents several Northern California counties in prime marijuana-growing country, told the Sacramento Bee. “We’re assembling the regulatory system for a multi-billion-dollar industry from scratch.”


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adminStrict Regulations, Choking The Marijuana Industry?
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Decriminalizing Marijuana In Texas

The top law enforcement officers in the state’s most populous city and the biggest county in Texas are set to declare a brand new policy about how they’ll deal with those caught with small quantities of pot.

Proponents of the policy say that it’ll reduce court dockets and free-up law enforcement time and jail space for detaining and prosecuting offenders who pose a larger risk to the community. In addition they contend that giving someone a criminal record for possession of small amounts of marijuana impacts their capability to get education, particular employment, and  other opportunities–stigmatizing them.

Adversaries of the more lenient policy say that law enforcement and public officials don’t have the discretion to disregard the laws on the books in Texas.


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adminDecriminalizing Marijuana In Texas
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Texan Marijuana Supporters Demand Reform in 2017

Multiple bills pushing for legal marijuana are sitting before our state legislature in Austin.

And marijuana reform activists are rallying their supporter to help alter the law.

Two groups from Waco are asking for supporters of marijuana reform to demand their legislators to vote “Yes” for legal marijuana. But, like every successful movement, it must be organized.

So, supporters are working to train individuals on the way to work together and bring change to Texas.
“This kind of education is necessary so that when folks do meet their representatives, they have answers to the questions their representatives typically have,” Clif Deuval, founder of NORML of Waco, said.

Legal marijuana really has been a popular issue in Texas for years. In 2015, the Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 339, permitting physicians in the state to prescribe marijuana-based products with low levels of THC to patients.


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adminTexan Marijuana Supporters Demand Reform in 2017
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