In 2014, the states of Alaska, Oregon plus Washington D.C. voted to? legalized marijuana.

Alaska citizens voted to legalized marijuana usage and possession and the law goes into effect on February 25, 2015. ? A regulatory body has been created to set up a procedural structure for legalization and retail shops.? The regulatory phase should be completed in 9 months and recreational pot stores could be open for business in January 2016. Read more about Alaska’s legalization process here.

Oregon also voted to legalize the use and possession of marijuana and cannabis products.? The new law will be implemented in July 2015 with retail pot shops expected to open in early 2016. Read more about Oregon’s legalization process here.

Washington D.C. residents voted on a proposal to make recreational marijuana use and possession legal. The law does not allow for the sale of cannabis products but does permit possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and six plants at home. However, the new law has been undermined by the U.S. Congress and its status is changing day-to-day. Read more about DC’s marijuana status here.