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Big Pharmaceuticals VS Legal Marijuana in Arizona

As marijuana legalization crossed the US in November, Arizona was in its rejection of legal pot. There, a pharmaceutical company called Insys was a major backer of the successful effort to prevent the state?s recreational cannabis measure, openly asserting that marijuana businesses would be detrimental for public health and endanger children.

But to marijuana activists, the objective of Insys was clear ? to crush the competition.

Affirming those suspicions, Insys has now received approval from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to develop its own synthetic marijuana, the most recent instance of Big Pharma combating small cannabis growers.

With marijuana now legal in over half of the US, longtime underground players and the budding cannabis industry have grown increasingly worried concerning the risk presented by powerful pharmaceutical manufacturers, which have concurrently helped fight legalization while seeking to develop their very own synthetic cannabis.


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