A Proposed City-run Marijuana Shop In Maine

There is a buzz in Bangor, Maine, regarding the mayor?s suggestion to start a city-run retail marijuana store.
Council chair Joe Baldacci announced the idea last week, saying it?d help the city keep control over the way marijuana is sold, while ensuring revenue remains local.

?Someone is going to sell it, and it should be done in the most responsible way possible,? said Baldacci.
Last November, Maine voters approved marijuana legalization. As a statewide policy is drafted by the legislature, local municipalities are now hashing out the details.

To be able to start a city-run shop, Baldacci said the council would need to create a non-profit that handles it. He said it would be the only seller of marijuana in the city.
?It would be the most boring marijuana retail establishment,? he laughed.


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adminA Proposed City-run Marijuana Shop In Maine
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Rhode Island Legislators Expects To Beat Massachusetts At Recreational Marijuana

Rhode Island state legislators say that they have sufficient support to pass a bill if it comes to a vote this spring in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly. The law makers are expecting to legalize recreational marijuana soon and may beat Massachusetts on it.

Scott Slater, a Providence Democrat and legalization proponent, said taking actions this year would allow Rhode Island to have regulations and a new source of tax revenue in place before retail marijuana shops open over the border in Massachusetts. He said Rhode Island has already reinforced how they tax and regulate medical marijuana plants, so making a change to enable recreational use wouldn?t be tough.

?We?ll definitely be able to beat Massachusetts to the punch,? Slater said. He additionally said that Massachusetts appears to be delaying their recreational regulations.


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adminRhode Island Legislators Expects To Beat Massachusetts At Recreational Marijuana
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Big Pharmaceuticals VS Legal Marijuana in Arizona

As marijuana legalization crossed the US in November, Arizona was in its rejection of legal pot. There, a pharmaceutical company called Insys was a major backer of the successful effort to prevent the state?s recreational cannabis measure, openly asserting that marijuana businesses would be detrimental for public health and endanger children.

But to marijuana activists, the objective of Insys was clear ? to crush the competition.

Affirming those suspicions, Insys has now received approval from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to develop its own synthetic marijuana, the most recent instance of Big Pharma combating small cannabis growers.

With marijuana now legal in over half of the US, longtime underground players and the budding cannabis industry have grown increasingly worried concerning the risk presented by powerful pharmaceutical manufacturers, which have concurrently helped fight legalization while seeking to develop their very own synthetic cannabis.


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adminBig Pharmaceuticals VS Legal Marijuana in Arizona
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Arizona Veterans Petition To Push Back Medical Marijuana Campus Ban

Arizona veterans are pushing back against a university prohibition on medical marijuana.

A petition on backed by a veterans group warns that the University of Arizona Police Department will ?lock up? medical marijuana users.

?People really don?t understand us. They don?t understand why we don?t want pills,? said Dan Schmink, an Army veteran of Iraq.

His business, Southwest Healing Group, helps other veterans adjust to life outside the military. He said, for a lot of people medical marijuana is a lifeline.

?Why should a university, which is supposed to be the progressive center of tomorrow, say ?No?? It doesn?t make sense to me,? Schmink said.

Arizona voters legalized medical marijuana in 2010. But two years after, medical marijuana was banned by the State Legislature on university campuses. Possession of weed is a felony.


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adminArizona Veterans Petition To Push Back Medical Marijuana Campus Ban
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Alaska Governor Joins Others in Asking the Trump Administration Not to Interfere with Legal Marijuana

Alaska along with three other western states on Monday asked the Trump administration not to scrap federal policies which have acted as the basis for state cannabis industries.

Existing federal policy is ?vital to maintaining control over marijuana in our states? says a letter dated April 3, signed by Gov. Bill Walker and the governors of Oregon, Washington and Colorado. All four states have controlled commercial cannabis industries.

?We request the Trump Administration to interact with us before embarking on any changes,? the letter says.

The letter is addressed to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of the U.S. Justice Department. Sessions was vocal about his opposition to legal marijuana while a part of the U.S. Senate.

?We understand you and others in the administration have some concerns regarding marijuana,? says the letter. ?We sympathize, as many of us expressed apprehensions before our states enacted current laws. As governors, we?ve dedicated to implementing the will of our citizens.?

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adminAlaska Governor Joins Others in Asking the Trump Administration Not to Interfere with Legal Marijuana
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Alaska On-site Marijuana Consumption Proposal is Revived

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board met last March 7, 2017 in Anchorage, discussing everything from its on-again, off-again relationship with marijuana cafes to whether or not cultivators can keep rolling joints before delivering them to stores.

Here are the most crucial takeaways:

The board will give writing rules for marijuana cafes a second try

The control board will try to write rules for on-site consumption places at marijuana retailers, a plan that it shot down at its last meeting.

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adminAlaska On-site Marijuana Consumption Proposal is Revived
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Actor Patrick Stewart Supports Oxford University?s Marijuana Research Program

Oxford University will be launching a ?10m research programme into the effects of medical marijuana, following calls for its legalization.

The program will analyze the function of cannabis medications in treating pain, cancer and inflammatory diseases.

It follows calls from some MPs for legalization of cannabis on medical reasons, with such calls being backed by 58 per cent this past year.

In the last few years, studies have supported the medical value of cannabis for treating ailments for example multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and arthritis, and for coping with nerve pain.

The new program is a partnership between Kingsley Capital Partners and Oxford University, who are investing ?10m an attempt to create an international center of excellence in cannabinoid research.

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adminActor Patrick Stewart Supports Oxford University?s Marijuana Research Program
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Why Lawmakers Want To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Josh Miller found this as an indication that his time had finally arrived, when Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure in November to legalize recreational marijuana.

The Rhode Island state senator has a standing among colleagues as a cannabis crusader ? a battle that, to date, he?s lost. For the past three years, Miller introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, and for the past three years, his efforts have died in committee hearing rooms.

Now, however, in a turn-around, some of Miller?s colleagues are indicating an interest in legalized marijuana ? and raking in the tax dollars which come with it.


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adminWhy Lawmakers Want To Legalize Recreational Marijuana
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Important Points Of The Proposed Limits On Legal Marijuana

Merely hours after polls closed on Nov. 8, 2016, leaders on Beacon Hill started talking about ways they might alter the ballot question that made marijuana legal for adult use in Massachusetts. In December, without notifying all members, a couple of lawmakers voted to delay the beginning of retail sales. Now, as a fresh session commences, Senate and the House leaders have filed dozens of bills that will make important changes in the recreational marijuana law.

Here is a summary of key points in bills filed by Sen. Jason Lewis and Rep. Hannah Kane.

Possession: It?s now legal to have up to 1 oz of marijuana in public and up to 10 oz at home. Bills filed by Lewis and Kane would keep the public limitation of up to 1 oz, but at home, the limitation would fall from 10 oz to to 2 oz.


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adminImportant Points Of The Proposed Limits On Legal Marijuana
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Florida Activists? Fight For Medical Marijuana Access

Three months after Florida voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment on medical marijuana, state health officials and prospective weed-seeking patients are at odds over proposed rules that would spell out who could get marijuana.

State officials have urged limitations on what sort of patients may be eligible for medical marijuana, and where they are able to get it. Their ideas have prompted a tide of questions across the state, with almost 1,300 residents attending what are typically low-key bureaucratic hearings to press for less restrictions to marijuana access.


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adminFlorida Activists? Fight For Medical Marijuana Access
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