Indiana families may sue over plan to rebury 17 unidentified bodies found during road project

A plan to rebury 17 unidentified bodies discovered during a road project in Indiana earlier this year may end up in a courtroom.

Descendants of people buried in the Stewart-Emery Cemetery, located just north of Louisville, Ky., are threatening a lawsuit to stop town officials from reburying the remains in a nearby nature preserve.

Families told WDRB-TV the proposal would put their loved ones in an area that’s hard to access and has issues with vandalism.

“It’s a beautiful cemetery,” Kathie Miller, a descendant, told WDRB. “It’s been desecrated repeatedly over the years. Lots of vandalism and just the foot path alone is a deterrent.”

A plan to rebury 17 unidentified bodies discovered through a road project has families now threatening a lawsuit.  (WDRB)

The cemetery dates back to the 1800s, The Courier-Journal reported. Town officials said finding unmarked remains around a site of that age would not be surprising.

Instead of moving the remains to another location, some families want to see the remains returned as close to the original site as possible.

“We’ve been told that they could probably put three people each in two of the empty plots that we know are here,” Janus Emery-Bowling said.

The Clarksville town manager told WDRB officials are trying to work with families, and repeatedly stated legal issues concerning the remains have made the reburial process complicated.

Families are planning to meet in early December with public officials to figure out the next step, but are also working with attorneys to take possible legal action against the town.

“If that’s what’s necessary, that’s the type of measure we’ll have to take,” Miller said.

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Mary JaneIndiana families may sue over plan to rebury 17 unidentified bodies found during road project
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Will Michigan be the Next State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

Marijuana would be legalized for recreational uses and taxed at a rate of 16% under a petition which was turned in to the Secretary of State on Friday.

In the event that the state Board of Canvassers approves the petition, the group driving the initiative ? the Coalition to Regulate Marijuan Like Alcohol will have 180 days to gather 252,523 signatures from valid registered voters in Michigan. As a way to get a cushion to account for signatures which may be thrown out, the group is establishing a target of accumulating 350,000 signatures.

That?s a job which will require money, said Josh Hovey, a spokesman for the Coalition. The group hopes to raise between $8 million and $10 million as payment for people who will gather the signatures needed to get on the ballot and to wage a campaign to get the measure passed in November 2018.

?Prohibition is a failed big government program,? said former state Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, who?s the political director of the coalition. ?We have 20,000 individuals detained every year in Michigan. And we?re now going to be in a position to provide our citizens an option to stop that.?

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adminWill Michigan be the Next State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?
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Florida Marijuana Supporters Wants A Special Session For Legal Marijuana

Gov. Rick Scott is called upon by the supporters of legalized marijuana to order a special session after state lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would have implemented a ballot measure approved by 71 percent of voters in November. In the constitutional amendment, it?s in the discretion of the Florida Department of Health to make rules that would let patients with ailments like HIV/AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis access to marijuana.

However, a few patient advocates and some marijuana activists are afraid that the DOH won?t make suitable rules.

?DOH has an obligation to implement this,? said Ben Pollara, among the writers of Amendment 2 and executive director of Florida for Care. ?That?s all the more reason that people really need implementing laws.?

Pollara joined a group of lawmakers and lobbyists who say that the Legislature has to play a part ? even if it?s in the following legislative session, which commences in January.

Sen. Rob Bradley, who had driven a medical marijuana bill, said he isn?t assured that the DOH rules will be in line with bills the Legislature put forward, which had a wide-range agreement on many problems, even though they couldn?t achieve a final deal.

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Massachusetts Marijuana Regulatory Panel to be Patterned After the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission

House Speaker Robert DeLeo on Monday proposed a fresh approach state officials could do regarding how to regulate the new legal marijuana industry in Massachusetts.

The ballot law that legalized adult use of marijuana and set up a regulatory framework for the market calls for a Cannabis Control Commission within Treasurer Deborah Goldberg?s office. The Legislature agreed to delay execution of the law and its new Marijuana Policy Committee has been considering alterations to it, including creating a more independent commission and possibly removing the panel from Treasurer Deborah Goldberg?s purview.

DeLeo said he believes the state ?can do a combination of both.?

?Our conversations today were attempting to get an amalgamation, in the event that you will, without coming to any final conclusion, to try to find out what can work in relation to marijuana,? DeLeo said.

Goldberg called the meeting ?a great first conversation? and said discussion covered ?a lot of the technical facets.?

?I think this was merely a first conversation, and there?s an acknowledgement that we will all be working collaboratively, and with the members of the committee since they have done a large amount of work to try and determine how to satisfy the needs of and the will of the people of Massachusetts and the way in which they voted,? Goldberg said.

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adminMassachusetts Marijuana Regulatory Panel to be Patterned After the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
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Alaska Lawmakers Delay Proposal On Onsite Marijuana Use

Alaska marijuana regulators have delayed discussions about onsite marijuana consumption until next month.

The state?s Marijuana Control Board was expected to consider whether to move forward with proposed rules for letting retail cannabis customers to consume their purchases on site

It?s something that no other state that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana has permitted.

The board used its two day meeting to go through a backlog of permit applications for retail stores and manufacturing facilities.

?They really wanted to concentrate on approved applications at this meeting so people could begin with their businesses as we move into summer,? said Erika McConnell, director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Board. ?Onsite consumption was kind of the big time-consuming issue that they pushed until the end and then we ran out of time. ?

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adminAlaska Lawmakers Delay Proposal On Onsite Marijuana Use
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A New Bill To Legalize Hemp Cultivation In Arizona

On a sprawling farm in Maricopa, his family?s land has been cultivated by Kelly Anderson for decades.

Ornamental plants are grown by him, dehydrated foliage and wheat which are sold in craft shops. Another possibly more profitable crop: industrial hemp, is being eyed by farmers like Anderson, although demand for the decorative plants is high.

An assortment of the cannabis plant, industrial hemp is used to make rope, paper, cosmetics, food and textiles. It features low levels of marijuana?s main psychoactive substance, but doesn’t create a high. Until lately, it couldn’t be lawfully grown anywhere in the U.S. and was imported from Canada, China, Europe, Russia and elsewhere.

“It uses less water than cotton, it?s a very heat-tolerant plant and we need a good rotation-kind crop to help the soil,? Anderson said. ?Instead of growing cotton after cotton after cotton, or hay after hay after hay, you could rotate this. This could be used to help the ag economy and we?re always trying to expand our production base?

Two state lawmakers are looking into to legalizing hemp cultivation in Arizona.

The procedure to produce, distribute and sell hemp in Arizona would be set up by Senate Bill 1337 through a program managed by the state agriculture department. Processors and growers would be asked to pass criminal background checks and would need to maintain comprehensive records about growing locations. Harvests could possibly be inspected and tested by agriculture officials, and in the event the plants were discovered to have more than 0.3 percent of THC on a dry-weight basis, the crop can be destroyed and farmers can be prohibited from future hemp growing.

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Federal Law Doesn’t Outlaw Medical Marijuana Act According To Arizona Court Ruling

Local officials cannot use federal laws outlawing marijuana to refuse to provide required zoning for dispensaries, the state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

In their unanimous decision, the judges admitted the federal Controlled Substances Act makes the possession and sale of marijuana a felony. And they noted that the zoning sought by White Mountain Health Center was particularly to be able sell the drug from a store in an unincorporated area of Sun City.

But Judge Donn Kessler said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery had no legal basis to assert that federal law trumps the 2010 voter-approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. And he also rejected Montgomery?s contention that having county officials issue the necessary zoning would mean they were aiding and abetting in the violation of federal law.

The fight has its origins in the 2010 initiative that enables those with a physician?s recommendation along with a state-issued ID card to get up to 2 1/2 oz of marijuana every two weeks. That law also set up a network of state-regulated independently run dispensaries to sell the drug.

State health officials need certification from the local government that the website is properly zoned before issuing a license for a dispensary. White Mountain Health, attempting to find in Sun City, sought the required certification from Maricopa County.

But Montgomery instructed county officials not to react. He asserted that doing this would make them guilty of breaking federal laws that prohibit not only the possession and sale but doing anything to facilitate either.

And he claimed that anything the state does cannot preempt federal law.


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adminFederal Law Doesn’t Outlaw Medical Marijuana Act According To Arizona Court Ruling
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Will Religious Lawmakers Support Marijuana Legalization?

Over half of US states?28?have legalized medical marijuana. Legalization is supported by sixty percent of Americans, based on an October 2016 Gallup poll?including 42% of Republicans. A few of these cannabis supporters live in states that are traditional, and some are even in their own state?s legislature,currently supporting marijuana reform measures.

In Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah? traditionally Republican locales? marijuana reform bills are introduced for consideration in the coming sessions.?And, it?s worth noting that Republicans, who control state legislatures in most of these states, are behind the drive,? writes Maureen Meehan in High Times on Jan. 16.

This month in Missouri, a Republican representative and licensed doctor, Jim Neely, introduced a bill to give terminally ill patients access to medical marijuana. His daughter died of cancer in 2015, and Neely believes the drug would have helped relieve her pain. An initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri last year didn?t make it on the November vote. However, Neely stated that the culture appears to be open now, noting, ?I believe the timing is great.? He said on Jan. 13 that he?s confident the bill will make it to the House floor, thanks to his conservative bona fides and medical professional qualifications.

In Tennessee, two Republican legislators, Steve Dickerson and Jeremy Faison, a physician, introduced a measure to legalize therapeutic marijuana in December. They think it?s going to be an economic advantage to the state. The bill allows for 50 grow houses to be constructed, 15 of them designated for economically distressed zones.

The Tennessean reports that the marijuana measure is also part of a drive by lawmakers to undertake an opioid outbreak. More opioid prescriptions are handed out than there are individuals in Tennessee, and marijuana is viewed as a feasible, non-addictive alternative for pain alleviation.

Republican representative Ryan Williams co-sponsored a similar bill to legalize medical marijuana during the 2015 session, but it died in committee. He told The Tennessean there will likely be a ?huge push? for medical marijuana during the 2017 legislative session to deal with the opioid outbreak.


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adminWill Religious Lawmakers Support Marijuana Legalization?
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Pot Pin-Up Girl

Pot Pin Up Girl

She goes by the names Little Miss Puff-it, Cleo-Pot-Tra and Watermelon. That?s because she?s fond of posing as different characters in her pot pinup photos. According to the Vancouver Canada resident, ?There?s such a beautiful spectrum, this umbrella of marijuana that?s about to open up to the world.” Watermelon has been a marijuana advocate for years and she sells her marijuana infused baked goods to almost 30 of Vancouver?s 61 medical marijuana dispensaries. Watch her video???.

Become a Bud Tender

Right now most of the marijuana industry related jobs are in the medical marijuana sector. This is because recreational marijuana is legal in only four states versus medical marijuana in 23 states. There is a need however, for bud tenders, accountants, marketers and web developers. At the present time the best marijuana job markets are in California and Colorado.

As in any new industry there are some bad apples. So do your due diligence on each company and get their commitment in writing whenever possible. Here are some websites? with marijuana job listings:

THC Jobs

420 Careers



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Republicans Go for Legalized Pot

United_States_Republican_PartyFirst Republican State to Legalize Pot

Although the ballot was passed last year it?s only yesterday that the new marijuana laws went into effect in Alaska. Now, in this Republican dominated state, adults 21 years or older may possess up to an ounce of marijuana. In addition, legal aged residents may grow up to six marijuana plants for their personal use. However, just like Colorado and Washington state, pot can be consumed only on private property with the owner?s permission.

Recreational marijuana stores have not yet opened. That is because the state has yet to set up the laws needed to regulate retail shops. The ballot initiative requires the state government to formalize rules for recreational marijuana shops by November 24th of this year. Applications for retail licenses will be considered sometime after that. Read more???

Shocking Results from New Study on Marijuana and Alcohol!!

You won?t believe the results of this study which quantifies the risk of death as it applies to various controlled substances! Read more???..

adminRepublicans Go for Legalized Pot
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