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MaryJane Dating Service

It?s Friday and it’s date night!!

There is a new app for mobile phones that connects marijuana users for dating. And yup, it’s called “High There.”

It?s said to be a tool for allowing cannabis users to find love. The app helps users identify other marijuana consumers who?d like to date based on there preferred methods and habits of cannabis consumption. So far, they say they have 50,000 people using their app and program only functions in states where medical and/or recreational marijuana use are legal. It?s described as both a dating and social connection tool.

It is, of course, not the first marijuana based social networking site as there are others like 420 Singles.com and my420mate.com that offer similar services.

So go for it! Court a canna-friend online but be careful what you say in cyberspace. Police still use social media to monitor potentially illegal activity!? So be safe and have fun!!


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Pot Shop Prices Hit New Lows

Prices Down, Selection Up

sales_upWashington state’s recreational marijuana stores are in evolution mode. Over the past month or so there have been several new arrivals (see our home page) and those that have been around awhile are really coming along. This is particularly true of the stores in Seattle. Prices remain above black and grey market rates but one Seattle store is selling grams of flower for as low as $7.? That is not the norm but many are selling grams of selected strains under $20 and prices continue downward.


Obama Said What?


You’ll be stunned by all the things President Obama said in a recent interview about marijuana legalization.? To see the complete list of quotes click here……….


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Sir Pot-A-Lot and $1 grams

Sir Pot-A-Lot
The 90s rapper, Sir Mix-A-Lot, was in Vancouver Washington this week examining the wares at The Herbery. Sir Mix-A-Lot, whose real name is Anthony Ray is based in Seattle. He says he doesn?t smoke marijuana but most of the guys in his group do. At the same time, he said he?s strongly in favor of marijuana legalization and regulation, just like alcohol. Read more??.

$1 Grams!
In 2013 Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana. Now companies from Germany and Canada are bidding on the fives licenses available for marijuana growers. Winners will pay the Uruguay government $20,000 per year in fees plus 10% of sales. The government says it will require the growers to sell their crop at the rate of $1 per gram! Read More???.

100 Tribes to Grow and Sell Marijuana –

100 Native American Tribes have indicated that they?d like to grow marijuana and open marijuana stores on their reservations. Read More???

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Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley and 12,000 Joints

12,000 Joints –

Huffington Post and Newsweek reported that a Seattle company called Soltice rolled 12,000 joints to sell over Super Bowl weekend at medical marijuana stores.? According to the owner, 6,000 grams of cannabis, about 13 pounds, was used for this massive marijuana joint production project. The joints were then offered for sale, 12 to a pack in what resembled a standard cigarette pack. The joints were a combination of strains called Blueberry Cheesecake and Headband and sold for about $70. These were sold at medical marijuana dispensaries however Soltice representative said that they will “absolutely” have these 12 packs of joints available for sale at recreational marijuana stores later this year. The company is opening what it terms “the first licensed processing facility”. Read More……..

Snoop Dogg –

Meanwhile music celebrities like Bob Marley’s family and Snoop Dogg are investing in the budding pot industry. Read More………..

Growing Marijuana at home –

It?s legal for adults over 21 years of age to grow limited quantities of marijuana in states such as Colorado, Washington (medical only), Alaska, (after Feb 25th) and Oregon (after July 15th). But remember it?s a complex task so get the book Growing Elite Marijuana which gives you step-by-step guidance. Also check out My Weed Seeds for good quality seeds that will give you a successful crop.


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Washington State Prices Down 40

A few days ago Bloomberg News reported that prices at recreational pot shops in Washington state have dropped by as much as 40%.

Then and now
Initial prices for recreational marijuana in Washington were quite high. This was due to multilevel taxation and supply shortages. Since then the state has licensed additional growers and processors and prices now average about $15 per gram compared to the $25 per gram rate of July 2014.

While there are still price challenges, due to what is effectively a 44% tax, this is a big step in the right direction. To complete with the black market, recreational marijuana prices need to be competitive. With black market marijuana grams being sold for $10 we are not quite there yet.

$50 ounces?
There is no intrinsic reason for pot to cost 25 times the cost of the precious metal, silver. The only thing that makes marijuana expensive is its scarcity. In the coming years, as growers compete more intensely and more and more people cultivate legally at home, we will see marijuana being sold at prices far, far below the prices we see on the black market. I envision a day, in the near future, when ounces of good quality, recreational pot will be routinely sold for $50.

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Washington State Marijuana: Did You Know?

Washington state marijuana: Did You Know? (As of December 2014)

* Recreational marijuana has been legal in?Washington state for two years (21 years of age older).

* So far more than $48 million worth of marijuana sales have occurred between growers, processors, retailers and customers.

* Out of the 334 marijuana store licenses allowed by the state government only 89 recreational marijuana store licenses have been issued.

* Two hundred fifty-seven licenses have been issued to marijuana processors.

*Two hundred ninety-eight licenses have been issued to marijuana growers.


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