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The state of Florida has been in search of a lasting solution in the regulation of medical marijuana. Back in 2014, a medical marijuana campaign was launched and a vote constituted. However, the proposal under this campaign was defeated. The campaign only garnered 58% of the votes; falling short of the 60% needed to amend the state constitution. Those pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana for use by qualifying patients went back to the drawing board and have a new and improved proposal that will be included in the 2016 ballot.

Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization

With an increasing number of American states moving to legalize medical marijuana, patients in the state of Florida will have to wait until the end of the year to learn their fate. With the current medical marijuana law having been found to be ineffective in allowing affected patients access to the medicine, this new law is long awaited.

Currently, Florida has a law that sets out the main guidelines to be followed in the use of medical marijuana. The current medical marijuana law only allowed for qualifying patients to access medical marijuana low in THC levels. This meant that patients could not access anything higher than 0.8% THC, and high concentrations in CBD. Earlier this year, the Florida governor signed into law, HB 307 in a bid to slightly expand the current law.

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