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Highest in Washington


Top Pot Shop

Washington’s highest-grossing recreational pot shop for 2014 was New Vansterdam in Vancouver. Some attribute its success to its proximity to Portland, Oregon, which has a population of 600,000.? In any case, the store recorded sales of $3.2 million during the period of July through December 2014.

In second place was the recreational pot shop, Cannabis City of Seattle, which generated $3.19 million in total sales during the same period.? You can read the full article at Seattle PI.
Growing Marijuana at home

It’s legal for adults over 21 years of age to grow limited quantities of marijuana in states such as Colorado, Washington (medical only), Alaska, (after Feb 25, 2015) and Oregon (after July 15, 2015). But remember it’s a complex task so get the book Growing Elite Marijuana which gives you step-by-step guidance. Also check out My Weed Seeds for good quality seeds that will give you a successful crop.

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