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High in Colorado & Crashing in Wash DC


Dec 10, 2014 ? There was celebration in Colorado and demonstrations in Washington DC today as local government supported and then betrayed those who have voted for the legalization of marijuana.

In Denver, Governor John Hickenlpooper made an executive order and added Amendment 64 (legalization of marijuana) to the state constitution of Colorado. Celebrations ensued.

However, on the same day, hundreds protested in the streets of Washington DC as Congress got ready to nullify the legalization of marijuana for the Capitol district.? This, in reaction to more than 70% of its voters voting for marijuana legalization. This effort to crush legalization in Washington DC is being accomplished in? typical political style as Republicans added the marijuana issue at the end of a $1 trillion spending bill. The bill is supported both parties and has nothing to do with marijuana. As such, it will be very difficult for any congressman to vote against the bill and is a kind of a pork barrel spending ploy but in reverse.

Meanwhile, city officials say they have no leverage in this matter and with Republicans set to dominate Congress in 2015 it looks like things may not change for years to come.

adminHigh in Colorado & Crashing in Wash DC