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Marijuana Vending Machines

Medical marijuana has been utilized for healing for many years now. In ancient India, China, Middle East as well as America, the herb has been determined as having curing properties. Even in modern times, experts did some advance work into the medical use of this herb. The herb has also been in popular use in various states in the United States. Today, patients experiencing asthma, cancer, AIDS and many other diseases will extol the virtues of marijuana application. That is the reason why there is a rising need of marijuana in the US especially in Oregon. However, there are only some establishments authorized to sell marijuana, making it hard for some to purchase one, but not anymore with these marijuana vending machines. Prior to knowing what exactly marijuana vending machine is, let us first take a look at marijuana as a medicinal weed.


A medical weed could be utilized in so many ways. A lot of medicinal marijuana doctors prepare it in liquid form for drinking. On the other hand, other medical experts feel that pot is more efficient once it is eaten. Smoking is also another way of acquiring the healing properties of medicinal pot into your body, especially those who require healing. Some marijuana experts crush the hemp and utilize it as an ointment or in a poultice.

Marijuana Vending Machines Overview

Oregon residents especially those who need medical treatment using this weed can now buy a cannabis or marijuana the same way they purchase snacks and soda vial vending machine.

The only difference is that in order to acquire the cannabis, they have to key in a medical marijuana dispensary as well as show medical marijuana identification card. On the other hand, that obstacle cleared the radiant and bright green machine beckon.

Marijuana vending machines are vending machines for dispensing or selling medicinal weed or cannabis. At present, they are in use in Canada and in United States and located in safe rooms and locations in medical marijuana dispensary. Some of these machines might be operated by authorized individuals after scanning the fingerprint of the patient. In America, some states and cities already have these machines like Seattle and now in Oregon.

The marijuana vending machines will be kept by Oregon caregivers and offer a wide selection of medicinal and recreational marijuana flowers, merchandise and pot infused edibles. Marijuana vending machine is temperature controlled and most of all equipped with a state of the art ID scanner in order to know the identity of the user, age as well as other important information prior to giving out selected marijuana items.

On the other hand, authority says there is never unattended marijuana vending machine in Oregon. There is always someone around to verify the ID prior to buying. According to the authority, one will never have access to a vending machine where there is not an authorized person around to verify the medical ID firstly on his or her way. This is how strict the Oregon government is when it comes to this very sensitive matter.

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