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Marijuana Vending Machines and Colorado DUI

pot-vending-machinesThis week the first marijuana vending machine was unveiled in Seattle at the medical marijuana dispensary, Seattle Caregivers. The machine was manufactured by an Arizona based company called American Green.? It is climate controlled and completely self-service. The machine scans ID, verifies the person’s identity and accepts cash as payment.? Machines dispensing marijuana edibles have been functional in Colorado since last year but this is the first machine to sell the actual marijuana plant. The machine is called ZaZZ and will available in Washington recreational pot shops later this year. Read more……

Colorado DUIs for Marijuana on the Rise

About 12% of Colorado’s DUI citations this year have been for people under the influence of marijuana. Many of those arrested said they did not know that DUI laws applied to marijuana. Please be careful and don’t drive high. Read more


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