Pot Pin-Up Girl

Pot Pin Up Girl

She goes by the names Little Miss Puff-it, Cleo-Pot-Tra and Watermelon. That?s because she?s fond of posing as different characters in her pot pinup photos. According to the Vancouver Canada resident, ?There?s such a beautiful spectrum, this umbrella of marijuana that?s about to open up to the world.” Watermelon has been a marijuana advocate for years and she sells her marijuana infused baked goods to almost 30 of Vancouver?s 61 medical marijuana dispensaries. Watch her video???.

Become a Bud Tender

Right now most of the marijuana industry related jobs are in the medical marijuana sector. This is because recreational marijuana is legal in only four states versus medical marijuana in 23 states. There is a need however, for bud tenders, accountants, marketers and web developers. At the present time the best marijuana job markets are in California and Colorado.

As in any new industry there are some bad apples. So do your due diligence on each company and get their commitment in writing whenever possible. Here are some websites? with marijuana job listings:

THC Jobs

420 Careers



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