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Oregon Legalization of Medical Marijuana

If other states are still in the middle of deciding on legalizing the use and distribution of Medical Marijuana, the state of Oregon has already legalized its use. It already gave freedom to people interested in using it for medical purposes.

Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle, Washington January 27, 2012. Efforts to legalize marijuana for recreational use are gaining momentum in Washington state and Colorado, despite fierce opposition from the federal government and a decades-long cultural battle over America's most commonly used illicit drug.   Photo taken January 27, 2012   REUTERS/Cliff DesPeaux (UNITED STATES - Tags: HEALTH SOCIETY) ORG XMIT: LOA03

It is the very first state that was known to decriminalize the use of cannabis in 1973 and on the 3rd of November, 1998. The state has also legalized its use but only for medical purposes. Also, it is known as the only state that allows the residents of obtaining a card for medical marijuana. This is also the state that can legalize the recreational use of cannabis. This was passed from the election in November 2014 and the implementation started in July 1st of 2015.

Included in the Oregon Decriminalization Bill of 1973 is the abolishment of criminal penalties for people who are carrying the herb in small amounts. The result of this law is that people who will be caught of carrying marijuana will only be a violation within the state of Oregon. This will never be considered as a crime. Anyone caught with the violation will have to pay for a fine that costs $500 to $1000.

Even though the law is not serious in controlling the use of marijuana within the state, it still has its certain exceptions. One exception is that a person carrying a certain amount of marijuana within a public place or within a distance of 1000 feet to any school, the person will be guilty for the offense of Class C misdemeanor.

In addition to exceptions, people who will be caught carrying over 1 ounce regardless of how far the school is will be considered as a Class B felony. However, this was only until the 3rd of July in 2013. After this point, it will be turned into a Class B misdemeanor.

Also, the citizens of the state of Oregon are reminded of that law that allows the use of marijuana. This will only cover the private use. Those who would be under its influence while they are staying inside their homes will not be punished by this law. However, those who will be caught using marijuana in public and also those who are driving under its influence will be punishable.

Along with the updates of the law, the state now allows medical dispensaries of selling cannabis only for those who are aging 21 years and above. This update was made effective in the 1st of October 2015.

For you to buy marijuana, you will need a Medical Marijuana card. This can be obtained by the residents of the states and also for non-residents. They are those who also meet the requirements of getting the card.

The cards can only be obtained from specific doctors. For those who would like to purchase from medical dispensaries, they will just have to bring a government-issue ID. This will serve as a proof of their age. People who would purchase cannabis are not allowed of bringing their purchased items at home. This is especially if they live in a state or in country wherein its use is not legalized.

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