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San Francisco California Opens World’s First Ever Marijuana Gym

A San Francisco fitness center slated to open this fall will motivate customers to use weed as part of their fitness routine.

Power Plant Fitness customers are going to have the choice to bring their own cannabis or order edibles, the gym?s preferable kind of cannabis, while they?re at the fitness center. Desired edibles will be brought by a delivery service to the fitness center within 15 minutes after customers place orders, said owner Jim McAlpine. Adult-use, recreational marijuana is legal in California, but it can be sold exclusively by dispensaries. Using marijuana in public is prohibited. The fitness center is going to have designated space for those inhaling pot.

The gym, which advertises itself as the world?s first cannabis fitness center, touts using the drug for meditation, focus and pain.

McAlpine, who?s already hosting Power Plant boot camps, wants people understand this isn?t going to be ?a stoner gym.? The focus is still on fitness even if cannabis use is welcome.

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adminSan Francisco California Opens World’s First Ever Marijuana Gym

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