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Colorado Marijuana Sales Expected To Break Records

Following the November elections, eight states currently offer legal adult use of marijuana. But regardless of the growing competition, Colorado, which have the greatest number of marijuana sales this past year, will probably still bag higher marijuana sales compared to the other states in 2017.

Only four months into the year, the Centennial State is already on course to possess its highest grossing year yet in marijuana sales. During January and February, Colorado racked up $235 million in overall marijuana sales, a 30% spike when compared with the state?s recreational and medical marijuana sales during the same time in 2016, based on a report by Cannabis Benchmarks, a company that monitors marijuana sales and prices.

With Colorado?s city streets filled with marijuana stores selling medical and recreational marijuana goods and its booming cannabis tourism, marijuana sales across the state kicked off 2017 at full throttle. In January of this year, $109 million worth of marijuana was sold in Colorado in medical and recreational markets, a more than 38% increase from what the state had in January 2016, when marijuana consumers bought $88.5 million in cannabis products. Sales in February were even more remarkable, with the state generating $126 million in marijuana purchases compared to February 2016?s $92.7 million.

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Meet the ?Weed Nuns? of California

Located close to the town of Merced in the Central Valley, which generates over half of the fruit, nuts and vegetables grown in the country, the Sisters of the Valley grow and reap their very own cannabis plants.

However, despite the moniker, the sisterhood stresses that its seven members don?t belong to any order of the Catholic Church.

?We are against religion, so we are not a religion. We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists, and we reach back to pre-Christian practices,? said Sister Kate, who founded the sisterhood in 2014.

The group says its Holy Trinity is the marijuana plant, specifically hemp, a form of marijuana which has really low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in the plant which gives a high.

The hemp is turned by members into cannabis-based balms and ointments, which they say have the ability to enhance health and well-being.

More than two dozen U.S. states have legalized some form of marijuana for medical or recreational use, but the drug remains illegal at the federal level. California legalized recreational use of marijuana in November 2016.

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adminMeet the ?Weed Nuns? of California
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Austin’s Potential to be the Capital for Marijuana Start-ups

Anybody who has stood a little too close to Willie?s tour bus or has drifted through the vibrant wonderland that is Eeyore?s Birthday Party understands that pot use is big business in Austin. The city?s enormous student population, sprawling music scene and Dazed & Confused vibe allow it to be fertile soil for herbal treatments.

Of the four principal marijuana bills filed at the statehouse this year, only one has gotten a favorable committee vote ? it?s yet to receive a full House vote. That proposed law would ease the law so no one with less than an ounce of grass would face arrest or jail time. Recreational marijuana like they have in Colorado appears to be a pipe dream in Texas.

Dallas city council members, in a way, have recently passed a law that decriminalizes possession. Those caught with less than four ounces get order to appear in court and a ticket instead of being booked and arrested in jail.

Texas lawmakers have brushed aside proposals to legalize marijuana fora long time. And, it was not until 2015 that the state passed a law allowing for a very limited use of cannabis oils for individuals who have epilepsy and suffer from seizures.

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Governor Brown of California Wants To Ease Up Starting A Marijuana Business

Gov. Jerry Brown disclosed a proposal last week to simplify statewide rules that regulate medical and recreational marijuana sales and production, in anticipation of the launching of the recreational cannabis industry in California in 2018. The proposal, if approved by the Legislature, would allow it to be simpler to take up a marijuana business in the Golden State.

?Brown?s administration has designed a tight, extensive regulatory framework that protects consumers, workers, public health, the environment and small business stakeholders, while ensuring an inclusionary framework that opens up access for individuals with low income and communities of color,? Lynne Lyman, state director of the Drug Policy Alliance, said in a statement.

Under the proposal, only state licenses would be required for marijuana businesses, unless local municipalities choose to require local licenses as well. State licenses wouldn?t be accessible to entrepreneurs who want to set up shop in municipalities where marijuana businesses are prohibited.

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San Francisco California Opens World’s First Ever Marijuana Gym

A San Francisco fitness center slated to open this fall will motivate customers to use weed as part of their fitness routine.

Power Plant Fitness customers are going to have the choice to bring their own cannabis or order edibles, the gym?s preferable kind of cannabis, while they?re at the fitness center. Desired edibles will be brought by a delivery service to the fitness center within 15 minutes after customers place orders, said owner Jim McAlpine. Adult-use, recreational marijuana is legal in California, but it can be sold exclusively by dispensaries. Using marijuana in public is prohibited. The fitness center is going to have designated space for those inhaling pot.

The gym, which advertises itself as the world?s first cannabis fitness center, touts using the drug for meditation, focus and pain.

McAlpine, who?s already hosting Power Plant boot camps, wants people understand this isn?t going to be ?a stoner gym.? The focus is still on fitness even if cannabis use is welcome.

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How to Find the Right Dispensary

Oregon is allowing its residents of purchasing medical marijuana from specific doctors. This is also made possible by using a medical marijuana card and a medical dispensary. Finding the right dispensary is something that a lot of people should learn on completely.


Just like anyone who wants to use medical marijuana in treating their illness, it is best for them to be aware of the right dispensaries wherein they can purchase the right amount of marijuana.

Since dispensaries are the only places wherein residents of Oregon can buy their marijuana in the easiest and safest way possible, they should still be aware on how to find the right dispensary. They should never settle in a place that claims of selling the herb. The following are the tips that you can consider when looking for the right dispensary:

  • Look for a range of quality Marijuana

Different people want different effects from using cannabis. Some would need it in treating their illnesses. Some would also want to use it for recreational purposes. When you?re in search for a dispensary, it is best that you look for the one with quality cannabis.

  • Price of the items

Aside from the quality, most people are more concerned with the prices the moment they enter a dispensary. The prices may vary from each dispensary to another. Within Oregon, the prices are offered from $10 to $30 each gram. Make sure that you take note of this price range. This is especially when you are visiting new dispensaries for the first time. Use this as a guide when choosing for a dispensary.

  • The location of the dispensary

If you are purchasing marijuana for its medical purposes, you do not want your patient to wait for a long time. Since Oregon legalized the selling of cannabis, it is best that you choose a dispensary near you that is offering a variety of selections at prices that you can afford. You can go online to check out the nearest dispensary. And, read on some of the reviews of people who have visited and purchased the items there.

  • Check the quality of service

If you are a novice user, you want to make sure that you will have easy time purchasing cannabis. Look for one wherein you can be assisted the most. You also need to feel comfortable when choosing for the right kind and strain. If you are also lucky, you may find a dispensary wherein the bud tender can keep any stems out of the bag where it is placed. The bud tender will also have an idea about you as a customer. He or she will have an idea about your budget, preferences and even your name.

With these things in mind, you will be reminded of finding the right dispensary. You can get the best dispensary wherein you can actually purchase cannabis at the price you can afford. There is only a need to spend some time searching for the right dispensary!

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