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Rhode Island Legislators Expects To Beat Massachusetts At Recreational Marijuana

Rhode Island state legislators say that they have sufficient support to pass a bill if it comes to a vote this spring in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly. The law makers are expecting to legalize recreational marijuana soon and may beat Massachusetts on it.

Scott Slater, a Providence Democrat and legalization proponent, said taking actions this year would allow Rhode Island to have regulations and a new source of tax revenue in place before retail marijuana shops open over the border in Massachusetts. He said Rhode Island has already reinforced how they tax and regulate medical marijuana plants, so making a change to enable recreational use wouldn?t be tough.

?We?ll definitely be able to beat Massachusetts to the punch,? Slater said. He additionally said that Massachusetts appears to be delaying their recreational regulations.

Voters in Maine, Massachusetts, California and Nevada approved recreational marijuana last year, joining Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Colorado. But Massachusetts legislators have delayed the opening of marijuana stores until mid-2018 at the soonest.

In Rhode Island, legislators have debated marijuana legalization for years but haven?t voted on it yet. Having a vote would need the support of top legislative leaders, like Democratic House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello. The year?s first legislative hearing on the proposal is already scheduled on Tuesday in the House Judiciary Committee.

?The speaker said he?s open-minded however, and he?s waiting for the hearing,? said Slater, who recently had a dialogue with with Mattiello. ?He wants the bill to be vetted in committee and hear the various views.?

According to Slater, there are still concerns surrounding a few of the details of the bill, including how it would regulate edible marijuana products.


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Marijuana Home Delivery Service To Start In Massachusetts

The proprietor of the second dispensary to open in the legal marijuana market in Massachusetts will be the first to offer home delivery services throughout the whole state.

In Good Health, a medical marijuana dispensary which started in 2015, will begin offering marijuana home delivery in an attempt to expand accessibility to the elderly and those suffering from disabilities. David Noble, president of In Good Health, also wants to make medical marijuana more accessible to patients who don?t live in close proximity to any of the 10 dispensaries running in the state, reports The Boston Globe.

The service, which will start deliveries on Monday, was sanctioned by regulators from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Regulators formerly approved weed delivery for medical marijuana dispensary Patriot Care, but the company only runs in some of the towns.

?There?s a big population of patients who are disabled or don?t have access to a dispensary, whether they live too far away or can?t wait in a line for too long,? Noble told The Boston Globe. ?There?s a real void for all these patients to get safe and reliable access to medical marijuana in a legal way.?

In Good Health expanded its growing space early this year and is intending to start two additional shop locations. The dispensary will offer next-day delivery for absolutely any registered medical marijuana patient. Noble said the company will use two uniformed drivers in unmarked vehicles with security cameras to prevent theft of the products. They?ll additionally use tamper-resistant packaging for the many marijuana products available for delivery.


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Florida Legislature Passed New Medical Marijuana Bill

Vowing that it?s merely a beginning, a Florida House panel gave the approval on Tuesday to a medical-marijuana proposal castigated by supporters of a constitutional amendment that legalized cannabis for a wide swath of patients with debilitating ailments.

The House Health Quality Subcommittee overwhelmingly approved the measure (HB 1397), sponsored by House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues, with only one ?no? vote after almost three hours of public testimony.

?I believe this is a calculated approach,? Rodrigues, R-Estero said, ?but I?ll warn you that it?s not the final product.?

The Rodrigues proposal would forbid smoking of cannabis products as well as edibles, and would ban all but terminally ill patients from using vaporizers to have medical marijuana, among the greatest objections to the bill raised by supporters of the constitutional amendment.

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Texas Veterans Fight For Medical Marijuana As Treatment For PTSD

Amanda Berard is a mother, a University of North Texas grad student, and a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She was sexually assaulted while in the Army, which resulted in her PTSD.

?I experience it with depression and in hypervigilance,? Berard said.

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 23 of every 100 women that use the VA say they have been a victim of sexual assault.

In order to cope with her PTSD symptoms, Amanda says that doctors in Texas can only do one thing:

?You?re given a cocktail of medication,? Berard described. ?A cocktail of pharmaceutical pills. I have five or six different medications that I?m supposed to take. The prescriptions, I feel, are like a Band-Aid solution.?

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New Medical Marijuana Fees Expected To Surpass Program Costs

State regulators in Ohio recognize that proposed licensing fees for medical marijuana businesses could initially surpass the state?s costs of running the program.

The program is requested approximately $2.5 million a year for operational costs in each of the next two years. That doesn?t comprise several unknown costs, including preparing the program?s licensing, product tracking and payment systems and creating a necessary toll-free hotline.

In the event the state issues all of the licenses it?s making accessible ? 24 to cultivators, 40 to product processors and 60 to dispensaries ? fees as proposed would create $10.8 million. The state has also made application fees for the licenses non-refundable.

Several advisers pushed back against the notion that fees may be overly high.

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How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor Just Now?

Are you aware on how to find a medical marijuana doctor? In order for you to find the most professional medical marijuana doctor in your area, you need to rely on the trusted source. In this sense, you will be guided on where to find the best medical marijuana doctor that can best respond to your concerns with regard to this product. Here are some of the best ways on how to find the best medical marijuana doctor in your place:


Medical and Health Offices

In finding a medical marijuana doctor, you may start on looking for a Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Center Clinic in your place. You may even consider some wellness clinics as these are simply the best places where medical marijuana specialists are found.

Look for the words such as natural care, holistic, wellness in the office names in your place. These are the types of clinics that also participate in medical marijuana cure for their patients. These can all help you for some consultations.

If there are medical and health offices in your area that render medical marijuana treatment and consultations, then you need to get in touch with them. There is only a need to be sure that they are reputable and trusted. Make sure that the medical marijuana they prescribe is healthy and is not addictive..

Surfing the Internet

The internet is still one of the best ways to find the best medical marijuana doctor that can best respond to your needs. There are some directory listings found in the internet that allow you to browse through the names of foundations and offices. From these, you can find the best and the most trusted medical marijuana doctors.

There are simply a lot of choices for you. Hence, you may experience difficulty in choosing which of these choices the best are for you. If you have already chosen the best one, you can now call them and ask for some consultation and appointment.

Recommendations and Suggestions from Others

If you are really after finding the best medical marijuana doctors, you may also seriously consider the suggestions of other people. You may ask those people who have consulted a medical marijuana doctor. And then, ask for the performance and ability of the doctor in treating your medical issues with medical marijuana. It is best to ask for their suggestions. Also, ask if the doctor they refer is really trusted and is highly reliable for the medical marijuana treatments.

These are some of the most common ways on how to find the best medical marijuana doctor today. By considering these ways, you will determine the best medical marijuana doctor that can best respond to your medical concerns. After you have chosen for a medical marijuana doctor, make sure that he or she is really equipped with the right skills and knowledge on how to treat your medical issue. You can get a few of the effective suggestions on using medical marijuana.

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How to Find the Right Dispensary

Oregon is allowing its residents of purchasing medical marijuana from specific doctors. This is also made possible by using a medical marijuana card and a medical dispensary. Finding the right dispensary is something that a lot of people should learn on completely.


Just like anyone who wants to use medical marijuana in treating their illness, it is best for them to be aware of the right dispensaries wherein they can purchase the right amount of marijuana.

Since dispensaries are the only places wherein residents of Oregon can buy their marijuana in the easiest and safest way possible, they should still be aware on how to find the right dispensary. They should never settle in a place that claims of selling the herb. The following are the tips that you can consider when looking for the right dispensary:

  • Look for a range of quality Marijuana

Different people want different effects from using cannabis. Some would need it in treating their illnesses. Some would also want to use it for recreational purposes. When you?re in search for a dispensary, it is best that you look for the one with quality cannabis.

  • Price of the items

Aside from the quality, most people are more concerned with the prices the moment they enter a dispensary. The prices may vary from each dispensary to another. Within Oregon, the prices are offered from $10 to $30 each gram. Make sure that you take note of this price range. This is especially when you are visiting new dispensaries for the first time. Use this as a guide when choosing for a dispensary.

  • The location of the dispensary

If you are purchasing marijuana for its medical purposes, you do not want your patient to wait for a long time. Since Oregon legalized the selling of cannabis, it is best that you choose a dispensary near you that is offering a variety of selections at prices that you can afford. You can go online to check out the nearest dispensary. And, read on some of the reviews of people who have visited and purchased the items there.

  • Check the quality of service

If you are a novice user, you want to make sure that you will have easy time purchasing cannabis. Look for one wherein you can be assisted the most. You also need to feel comfortable when choosing for the right kind and strain. If you are also lucky, you may find a dispensary wherein the bud tender can keep any stems out of the bag where it is placed. The bud tender will also have an idea about you as a customer. He or she will have an idea about your budget, preferences and even your name.

With these things in mind, you will be reminded of finding the right dispensary. You can get the best dispensary wherein you can actually purchase cannabis at the price you can afford. There is only a need to spend some time searching for the right dispensary!

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is already legal in some states as it provides a lot of benefits to people who have their medical issues. Doctors can prescribe the use of cannabis ? a medical name for marijuana. This is also intended for some health issues and concerns.

Actually, medical marijuana is prescribed in giving a complete relief for extreme pain. This can also enhance your appetite. This is also especially for those chemotherapy patients who are often experiencing nausea and vomiting.


Overall, this medical marijuana has its positive effects on the community. This is simply because it gives doctor another essential tool in helping their patients. Cannabis is a natural kind of medicine that helps alleviate health symptoms. It can also treat some conditions that affect the life of a lot of people. This can also alleviate the symptoms of life threatening diseases and illnesses.

Treating Chronic Pain

Medical marijuana is after helping people with their chronic pain especially in the neck and back. Oftentimes, constant pain at the back or neck is something that people always need to deal with. There are some painkillers that you may try such as the opioid painkillers.

However, these are very addictive. These will only make you feel debilitated at all times. These may also affect your relationship with your family, your career and even your entire life. One of the most effective alternatives is the medical marijuana. Similarly, some anti-inflammatory drugs can also pose problems when used over a long period of time. With medical marijuana, you are assured that this won?t happen. Its pain relieving capabilities and properties will make you feel comfortable and free from chronic pain.

Gastritis Treatment

Gastritis is another condition that can also be cured with the use of medical marijuana. This can help regulate the pain, relax your muscles and stimulate your appetite. This is especially true in your gastrointestinal areas. For such reason, cannabis can be used in reducing the gastritis symptoms. During the flare up of your gastritis, you can already cure it by means smoking medical marijuana.

AIDS and HIV Patient Treatment

AIDS and HIV patients are commonly recommended of using medical marijuana in treating their conditions. Studies have shown that medical marijuana can help patients in regaining their lost weight and appetite. They can also improve their overall outlook and lifestyle. Depression is one of the major issues that these patients face. And, medical marijuana is an effective tool in the treatment of depressions most often associated in HIV and AIDS.

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment

Another condition that women face is their premenstrual syndrome. This has its symptoms of abdominal pain and cramping along with irritability. These are all of the symptoms that can be treated with the use of medical marijuana.

The use of medical marijuana plays an essential role to the lives of people. It is also clear that this has a lot of medical uses. This can be used along with other medicines offered on the market today. In this sense, people need to open up their mind and eyes about medical marijuana. This is truly an effective and reliable medicine they need to try on.

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Washington State: Lower Prices on the Way?


Washington state’s poorly designed marijuana laws have resulted in slow retail growth and high prices. One of the biggest failures of current legislation is disallowing existing medical marijuana dispensaries from selling recreational marijuana. For example in Seattle there are almost 200 medical marijuana suppliers but only a half dozen shops that sell recreational marijuana.? Another problem is pricing.? With a 25% tax added to the cannabis product at every stage (production, processing and retail sales) recreational pot costs twice as much as medical marijuana. This price descrepancy is allowing the perpetuation of the black market and hindering tax revenues for the state.? When Oregon pot shops open in 2016 the pot shops on Washington’s border will become obsolete and will likely be forced out of business.

This situation could be remedied if new proposed legislation is passed.??Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle) has proposed a bill that would:

1) Raise the limit on? the number of state-licenses (currently 21 for Seattle and 334 statewide) and allow medical dispensaries to apply to sell recreational pot.

2) Reduce marijuana taxes by consolidating the three step tax into a single levy collected at the recreational pot shops.

3) Reduce restrictions on store locations

4) Share tax revenues only with those cities and counties that allow industry to function in their area.






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