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Texan Marijuana Supporters Demand Reform in 2017

Multiple bills pushing for legal marijuana are sitting before our state legislature in Austin.

And marijuana reform activists are rallying their supporter to help alter the law.

Two groups from Waco are asking for supporters of marijuana reform to demand their legislators to vote ?Yes? for legal marijuana. But, like every successful movement, it must be organized.

So, supporters are working to train individuals on the way to work together and bring change to Texas.
?This kind of education is necessary so that when folks do meet their representatives, they have answers to the questions their representatives typically have,? Clif Deuval, founder of NORML of Waco, said.

Legal marijuana really has been a popular issue in Texas for years. In 2015, the Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 339, permitting physicians in the state to prescribe marijuana-based products with low levels of THC to patients.


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adminTexan Marijuana Supporters Demand Reform in 2017