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This Rapper Weeds Out The Challenges Of Visiting A Pot Dispensary

As more states legalize marijuana, a certain percentage of the population is interested in joining the fun. But if they’re not sure how to purchase pot from a legal dispensary.

A San Diego-based rapper is helping to weed out any concerns.

MC Flow, a medical marijuana user since 2009, has just released “Welcome to the Dispensary,” a hummable how-to that explains the process of purchasing legal cannabis.

Some of her roach clip-riddled rhymes include:

Walls and walls of green buds, jugs full of flower

Indicas for the in da couch, sativas for the power

Bow to the bud tender cuz he’s paid by the hour

As your concierge of cannabis, with OG sour

Flow (real name Abby Dorsey) recorded the video at URBN LEAF, a dispensary in San Diego.

“We tried to reflect the diversity of clients that pass through the shop on any given day,” she said in a release. “It was important to me that we show that the dispensary has something for everyone, and that today’s customer doesn’t usually fit the traditional stoner stereotype. That outdated stigma needs to go.”

Whether you’re an old hand with a joint or just weed-curious, the chorus to her song will definitely get stuck in your mind:

This isn’t Flow’s first attempt at a weed-centered video. Her Hanukkah-themed ditty, “Pot In My Latkes,” went viral in 2015.

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Mary JaneThis Rapper Weeds Out The Challenges Of Visiting A Pot Dispensary